Our Guarantee

Weight LossRevival knows it can deliver results. If you are looking to reshape your body, our results come with a money backĀ guarantee.* Should your main goal be weight loss, we will design a plan to achieve your objective. Providing you follow our plan exactly, we are prepared to guarantee a certain amount of weight loss (depending on the program) over the period of that program.

Should you follow the program and fall short, we will refund your program fee on a pro rata basis.

*The results described may vary based on a multitude of factors. Our money back guaranteeĀ is subject to following the program through to completion.

As part of our money back guarantee, if we aim for you to lose four kilograms and you only lose two, we would refund 50% of your program fee.

Should your goal be spot reduction, we will design a plan for that area of the body and it will include a specific size loss target. Should our treatment fail to deliver the pre-agreed target, we will provide another program of the same value at no cost. All we ask is that you support the program by maintaining [or reducing] your gross weight and fat percentage.

Who else will back up their claims with guarantees? Revival will.