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Get your body back with Revival Clinic! We know we can deliver results. If you are looking to reshape your body, our results comes with a money back guarantee.*

*The results described may vary based on a multitude of factors. Our money back guarantee is subject to following the program through to completion.

Weight Fat Loss Services

The biggest myth in the weight loss industry is that people want to lose weight.

This is a fallacy.

In actual fact, people want to lose fat.

Revival has invested heavily in technology that measurably reduces fat all over the body. We also utilise technology that reduces fat in specific areas of the body, and has helped hundreds of clients work their areas that have previously seemed impossible to improve (click here for our client’s stories).

We use the most scientifically credible nutrition plans to coerce your body into a gentle fat burning state. We ensure that you are completely nourished during this period, and thus avoid traditional annoyances like fatigue and the rebound effect.

We use the most heavily researched supplementation where necessary to help you get the most out of our programs.

We show you the most advanced exercise physiology principles to help you work smarter, not harder in your fat loss endeavours.

But if you cannot measure it, you cannot monitor it.

We use approved Tanita bio-impedence technology that accurately assesses variables like fat, muscle, bone weight, and fluids, in addition to generic weight.

You can be confident that Revival will help you Get Your Body Back.* It doesn’t happen overnight, but what good things in life do? Achieving your goals may take weeks, or even months but you will be lovingly supported by our friendly and professional team the entire time. Our programs are safe, fast, proven, and effective.

Scientific research papers about the technology we use can be provided upon request, as can case studies of our client’s results.