Cool Body

Cool Body

Cool Body by Revival is the newest, most innovative and non-invasive way to lose those annoying bumps and bulges of stubborn fat around areas like stomach, love handles, back, thighs and arms.

This unique freezing technology transforms those troublesome areas. It is gentle, works quickly and the results are stunning.

Fat freezes at a warmer temperature than other tissues, such as skin and muscle. This means that fat can be frozen while protecting the other tissues from harm.

After freezing, the body recognises that the fat has become damaged, and thus prepares it for removal. It does so through the lymphatic system over a period of 8-12 weeks. One treatment covers an area 22cm x 10cm. The good news is the effect is permanent and you should only need one or two treatments in an area*.

Some clinics charge $800 to $1500 per treatment. Your investment with Revival is only $199 for one treatment or $299 for bilateral treatments with the small treatment cup, conducted simultaneously, for example, two thighs at the same time.

Combining Cool Body with other programs can see package prices discounted up to 25%. Contact Us for our super package prices on ourĀ  services.

We cool your body so you have a Cool Body.