Endermologie is enjoyed by around 200,000 people EACH DAY, around the World. Developed in Endermologie RevivalFrance in 1986, this unique, patented technology has been validated in hundreds of clinical trials around the World. It has been accepted by authorities in numerous countries including USA and Australia. Please ask our staff if you would like to see some studies.

Cellulite is contained just beneath the surface of the skin. The LPG Keymodule has a computer controlled negative pressure system to open the drainage vessels while rollers (also computer controlled) massage the tissue like no hands can. The fatty deposits are broken up and eliminated through the body’s vascular and lymphatic systems.*

Our clients have traditionally found this to be not just effective, but immensely pleasurable. We have clients STILL coming back, even after 5 years!

Our Endermologie therapists are highly skilled and as such, our price is highly competitive.

Target Areas: $75

Full Body: $109

Package price discounts of up to 25% apply. Click here to Contact Us for more information.