Ketosis Nutrition Plan

There are many people out there who are willing to put their bodies through physical hell, do all sorts of obscure things like liposuction and gastric sleeving, and yet refuse to modify what they eat! This mentality of “I’ll do anything you tell me to – just don’t touch my food!” is very common in our culture.fresh-fruits-vegetables-2419

There are other people who say they have tried everything, and yet nothing has seemed to work! These people put weight on just as quickly as they lost it, and become deflated and disillusioned, thinking “Diets are a fad.”

Still others say they eat healthily and well and yet are baffled why their bodies do not look they way they want them to.

Why is this the case? What causes these vast discrepancies between results? How can we do things differently?

Like our other services, we only use a nutrition plan that is scientifically proven and delivers measurable, sustainable results.

The nutrition plans we use get the body into a state called Ketosis. Ketosis is basically “full-time fat-burning.”

This differs from conventional weight loss because generally speaking, our body will break down muscle mass, immune proteins and fluids in an attempt to lose weight. Fat burning is only part of this process. The breakdown of the muscle mass in particular is what causes a slower metabolism after the program. This is why you will put on weight quickly after you go back to a normal lifestyle!

The real beauty of this type of nutrition plan is that you don’t have to necessarily believe what we tell you here. You can actually test it for yourself!

What would you say if you knew there was a way that you could burn fat in your sleep, and prove it every morning when you wake up? Would you be excited? Enthusiastic? Eager to know more?

Modern science has discovered that when you get your body into full time fat burning, a chemical by-product is released in the urine. This chemical is called a Ketone (hence the name, Ketosis).

You can measure these ketones every morning in a simple urine test and confirm to yourself every day that you’re losing fat! We can then do further confirmation for you using our Approved Bio-Impedence technology that analyses your body fat, muscle mass, hydration and other tissues.

For weightloss of 4-7kilos we recommend the one month silver program $199 or for 10 kilo or more the 3 month Gold program $395.

If weight fat loss is your goal, what do you have to lose by coming in for a consultation? Other than fat, Nothing!

*The results described may vary based on a multitude of factors.