Light Body

Light BodyLight Body by Revival is where a soft laser light [not the type surgeons use] of a specific frequency is used to target, disrupt and release fats from your hard to shift areas.

Traditionally, these areas include backs of the legs, hips, tummy, inner thighs, bottom, backs of arms and chins.

The Light Body treatments are targeted to these areas that require some extra attention or where cellulite is an issue. If conventional gym training has not been successful in affecting these areas, you may be a candidate for this type of treatment.

The system allows for a number of areas to be treated simultaneously. A series of eight treatments over four weeks is recommended. After a thirty minute treatment, exercise is necessary to burn off the fat loosened by the laser, so it works very well in conjunction with Papilio.*

The treatments are painless. Just relax while the very specific light frequencies do their thing. Prices can exceed $200 per treatment in some places. We believe in making this more affordable for most people.

Your investment is $69 per session or purchase an 8 pack for $360 and save!

Contact Us to find out about how to reduce your package price by up to 25%.

We use light to give you a Light Body.

*The results described may vary based on a multitude of factors.