Papilio System

papilio-horizonPapilio is a next-generation method of targeted fat loss and skin tone improvement. We use state of the art technology, cutting edge nutrition, and industry leading consultants to provide you with the best results possible.

By understanding your body better, you can work smarter, make better choices, and move closer towards that ideal body shape you’ve desired for so long.

Experience teaches us that shortcuts are not the answer. Sustainable results are what everybody wants, and in fact, what we need for long-term health.

Our revolutionary Papilio equipment serves as an accelerated cardio chamber, which greatly increases the number of calories you would burn than by doing ordinary cardio elsewhere.*

In addition, when doing conventional cardio, you tend to be reliant on your body’s natural tendency to take fat from wherever it wants. For some, this is totally okay.

But for most, this results in uneven body proportions that create confidence issues and frustration.

Part of the reason our bodies do this is because the circulation in the fat stored in our upper body is better than around our tummy and bottom. This can be quickly confirmed by feeling the temperature of the skin in those areas. Blood, of course, carries heat, and so you find that the cheeks, chest and arms are usually better circulated than the bottom, hips, thighs and tummy.

Is it clearer now why we tend to lose weight from those top areas easier than the bottom ones? The fat that is stored there needs a blood supply in order to get taken away and burned as energy.

Even if you do regular cardio, your body won’t necessarily take it from where you want it to.

Thankfully, the suction applied by the vacuum in the Papilio machines helps to balance the circulation in the lower body, resulting in better fat loss from the areas.

Infrared also increases the rate at which we burn energy, because in order for the body to remove the infrared, it must burn significant energy to do it. This has been confirmed repeatedly by scientific studies testing the efficacy of infrared saunas.

The result is a machine that safely accelerates what would normally take much longer to do, if it could be done at all (depending on body type).

But Papilio does not stop there. In order to be as comprehensive as possible while still remaining cost and time effective, our client’s nutrition is of the utmost importance for those chasing their body shape goals.

Many scientific studies over the last 10 years have confirmed that in addition to our normal metabolisms, our bodies can be manipulated into a state of constant fat burning, called ketosis.

Ketosis has developed a bad name in the industry, because like everything good, when done to extremity, it can become bad.

We use a very balanced, wholesome and nourishing ketogenic eating plan that involves whole fresh foods and fantastic support.

The beauty of this program is that you can measure that you are in fat burning every single day by doing a simple urine test each morning. You can literally confirm to yourself that you’ve been burning fat in your sleep.

Your investment in your health and body is $45 single session, $300 pack of 10, $500 pack of 20 or save with our unlimited plans. See prices for more options.

Papilio’s tag line is “I’m Ready.” This is symbolic in many ways, so please do not contact us unless you are totally ready and committed to transforming your body and life.

Contact Us to book your COMPLIMENTARY SESSION of Papilio and find out how to integrate Papilio into other packages.

Something this revolutionary is really something you must experience for yourself.


*The results described may vary based on a multitude of factors.