Revival Wellness Centre


Benny is my name. 65 is my age. Dieting and exercising is not my game. however, when my weight got close to a ton, my partner said it was time to do something. She talked me into trying this Papilio thing. I weighed in at 96.4kg. To my surprise, four weeks later I jumped on the scales with a grin from ear to ear, as it read 85.2kg. That is a drop of 11.2kg.

I was so happy I celebrated with a nice bottle of red. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you to all the crew at Revival.



I would like to thank the Revival Team for helping me transform my body. Being a busy working mother of 3 children I found I just didn’t have the time to try and work off stubborn areas of fat and cellulite. Since using the Revival Cool Body, I look slimmer, my clothes fit better (I have even put on shorts that haven’t fit me for 5 years!).

I have combined this with Revivals other treatments and they have exceeded my expectations. For the first time in 20 years I am almost totally cellulite free and have removed fat from areas that no amount of training was successful at targeting. This is the first summer in years that I am actually enjoying wearing a bathing suit!



I can’t thank Debbie and Steve from Revival enough for sharing their encouragement, knowledge and invaluable support, along with their wonderful team. Special thanks to Di.

I have always been fairly fit and my weight stable, but had been unwell and unable to exercise for 18 months. I had become sluggish and self motivation very low.

After seeing an advertisement for the Papilio system, decided to research more information online. I contacted Revival and after a complimentary Papilio session and consultation with Debbie, knew I needed to commit to the program and kick start my road to recovery.


Where does one start?

I have to start by saying a very big THANK YOU to Deb and Steve at Revival for the support and encouragement they have given me over the past amazing journey.

My story is a long story of not being happy with my health/weight however there has always been an excuse for me to “turn the other eye” and focus on other aspects of my life. I started swimming laps 5 days a week 2 years ago and have managed to slightly change my body shape and reduce a little bit of weight over that time.


When I first read an advertisement about Revival, I was intrigued! I made an appointment for a demonstration and that was six months ago!

Initially I was looking for a kick start to get my body back on track after a couple of years where I could not exercise at all and I really just wanted to do something for myself for once!

I started with a 20 pack of Endermologie and am currently now in the maintenance stage. I have definitely noticed a difference in my body shape and skin tone especially after a couple of months.

The best part of it all though is that I feel great! It’s not just about my appearance it’s a lifestyle change from the inside out and I now look at Revival as a commitment to my health and wellbeing.

Every staff member I have had contact with have been warm and professional, everyone is so bubbly and positive, you feel like you’re just going there to catch up with friends, in the mean time you’re investing in your future.



Hi, my name is Rakel. I am a recent user of the Papilio machine.

I am a frequent walker and gym user in Noosa Heads. Recently I was given a Papilio flyer with two free sessions on it from a dear friend of mine, who had recently done this program herself. Though, I should start from the beginning. I had been gradually putting weight on since menopause had its grip on me. But, never say die! I had been fighting tooth and nail to keep the weight at bay. I had frequently seen the Papilio System in advertising and had been in near the clinic a few times in passing, wondering how the system worked and I SOOO wanted a reduction in my buttocks and thigh area. Most women have this problem I think!

After receiving my flyer, I took up the offer and started. First, I did the free sessions, and then I bought 20 sessions for a 5 week program. I would like to say from the first session, there was a difference! I could not entirely put my finger on it, but it was noticeable to me.