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ENDERMOLOGIE® Body - For a healthy, rejuvenated movie star body


ENDERMOLOGIE® is a state-of-the-art treatment that uses innovative French technology to target those areas of the body most resistant to diet and exercise. Backed by 30 years of experience and scientific research ENDERMOLOGIE® uses unique motorised rollers that stimulate and mobilise the fat cells to smooth cellulite, tone and firm wherever you want, all while enjoying a pain free and relaxing treatment. This gentle, non-invasive treatment involves no medical procedures or use of any chemical substances, creams or gels. As well as naturally assisting the elimination of localised fat and the orange peel look, it also improves collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Each person is treated on an individual basis and prescribed a personal protocol by our therapists to achieve the results they desire – whether it’s an all over full body treatment or a targeted session on a specific area like legs, tummy or arms. Initially two sessions per week are recommended and then less frequent sessions are undertaken as needed for maintenance. Used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle ENDERMOLOGIE® is able to produce amazing results to improve your skin, your figure and your health.

Regular ENDERMOLOGIE® treatments will not only give you the aesthetic results you are looking for, you will also notice the health benefits as it assists with lymphatic drainage and poor circulation, allowing your connective tissue to become healthier over time.

How does ENDERMOLOGIE® Body work?

Wearing a full-length body stocking, each treatment is hands-on guiding the suction and rollers over the entire body, concentrating on problem areas. The LPG technology has a computer-controlled negative pressure system gently lifts and holds the skin to open drainage vessels, while the rollers massage and stimulate the area being treated like no hands can.

The gentle stimulation from the motorised rollers of the LPG head wake up the fibroblasts which are the cells responsible for skin youth, once activated these cells begin to re-synthesize collagen (+240%) and elastin the natural and essential substances for skin firmness. With each session skin quality improves and becomes visibly firmer and more toned The fatty deposits are broken up and eliminated through the body’s vascular and lymphatic systems.

ENDERMOLOGIE® achieved approval from the FDA in 1996 after numerous clinical trials proved its effectiveness. The studies conducted have proven ENDERMOLOGIE® to increase vascular and lymphatic flow, boost fibroblast numbers, and increase collagen production. After three sessions, 71% of women reported an improvement in their skin’s firmness and 67% of women notice their cellulite smoothed. After 12 sessions waistline loss measured up to -5.2cm.





What is the Result?

ENDERMOLOGIE® treatments include body reshaping, improved skin fitness and the reduction of cellulite with visible results after only three sessions

  • Papilio, Infrared Sauna, Endermologie Body

    Smooths cellulite by breaking down fibrosis around problem fat cells

  • Infrared Sauna, Endermologie Body

    Stimulates efficient metabolism

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Endermologie Body

    Fluid retention and toxin build up are effectively eliminated through lymphatic drainage – say goodbye to painful legs or swollen feet and ankles

  • Adventures in Weight Loss, Endermologie Body

    Collagen and elastin production are boosted generating a firmer, healthier, and rejuvenated skin tone

What is the investment in ENDERMOLOGIE® Body?



$75 Target Area
$109 Full Body

Combine with our Papilio Fat Burning for even faster results. READ MORE



$350 Target Area
$500 Full Body

Combine with our Papilio Fat Burning for even faster results. READ MORE



$650 Target Area
$900 Full Body

Combine with our Papilio Fat Burning for even faster results. READ MORE



$1100 Target Area
$1600 Full Body

Combine with our Papilio Fat Burning for even faster results. READ MORE




Have a look at our videos for more information about Endermologie.

Jeanie Hunter
in the last week
I have been regenerating & rejuventing my 43 year body at Revival Wellness for 3 months now and WOW the results are incredible !! ...
Teena Ingram
8 months ago
Thank you Claire for your care and the lovely treatment. I also noticed only after I left how generous you’d been with time. Very appreciated!
Kathy Golding
a year ago
A big thank you to Deb and the team at Revival Noosa. I have been a regular client now for several months and I am...

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